Where personal passions meet the road, check out a few of the partnerships Iron Ash has curated over the years to make sure no moss grows on the feet!

Through my work as an Engineer I’ve made many business partnerships. Hire Iron Ash to manage your project and get access to a diverse network of contractors and exclusive pricing. Learn more
The first company Erik started in 2012 to sell high efficiency wood stoves while living on a floating home in Vancouver, BC.

Buy Le Honey
We make honey on our farm and you can buy and have it shipped anywhere in Canada.  All you have to do is “tell it to the bees” to order. 

Use my affiliate link above to purchase COBB grills and accessories, and don’t forget to use the Coupon Code IRONASH for 10% off your order. 

Used Truck & Tractor trading
I buy used 1st and 2nd gen Dodge Ram Cummins with 12 and 24 valves as well as Kubota tractors to refurbish them. Contact us for more details.  

Veggie Truck delivery 
Erik’s truck runs on vegetable oil and does local deliveries up to 4,499 kgs GVWR in the Blue Mountain Area. Learn more to make your delivery more environmentally conscious.