Professional Mining Engineer
15 years of experience across an immense spectrum of projects. The goals have always been safety, time and budget. Iron Ash balances these three main pillars to guarantee project success. Let me share my experience on how to start, or problem solve your current project.

Project Development & Management
Our experience and commitment to satisfaction means no project is too big or small. We can help you manage a project from the development of a new mine to adding a pump system to your farm. Let us know if you need some extra help.

Pumping systems
We can help you move materials from water to sludge.  We can help advise, design and build  systems for underground mines, surface mines and even farming solutions (manure transport, pond dewatering).  

Mining Surface and Underground Operations
Six Sigma data analysis  unlocks the Pareto Principle potential.  Green Belt certified projects  has helped define that  80% of consequence is from 20% of cause.  Let Iron Ash help with the math.

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